CARLETON Residence


This was a Design and Build to make the client's outdoor space more usable. Revitalizing the Front entrance, making the backyard space layout more functionable, and creating more curb appeal for the Front yard were all project goals.

Front Yard 'L' Design Garden Before

Front Yard before.

Landscape design Planting plan.

Goals for this garden were Low maintenance plants that would aid in pollination for the client's vegetable garden bed in the back yard, and the Blueberry and Raspberry shrubs in the 'L' Garden. The site also used to be planted with mature cedar hedges, so the plantings had to be adapted to acidic soils. This was achieved through the use of raised bermed planting beds, and native plants adapted to these conditions(over 430).

Front yard After

L Garden Garden was bermed and top dressed using Composted Bark Mulch for weed prevention and moisture conservation. A green living mulch with a diverse plant layer was chosen to reduce weed competition.

Back Yard Before

Backyard before.

Back Yard After

Vegetable Planter. The Backyard had an existing planter box that took up too much of the lawn area. This area was redesigned to push the planter boxes to a narrow strip along the fence, thereby extending the lawn. A 16x2' planter box was built to replace the existing box, filled with Organic vegetable mix, and planted with an assortment of vegetables and herbs. A 1 1/2" River Rock bed is seperated from the grass with a 100% Recycled Black Plastic Edging.

Front Entrance

Rain Garden for front entrance.

Planters for front entrance.

Raw materials: Composted Bark Mulch, 430 Native Plants, 2-6" River Rock, 1 1/2" River Rock, 2 Self Watering Planters, Organic Vegetable Mix, 100% Recycled Black Plastic Edging