Turf Installation & Design


Lawns have their place in the garden, but we now know that they cost more time and resources than a mulched garden bed of native plants. The traditional lawn is a European concept, and thus does best in Europe. Here in B.C., our wetter climate often leads to: moss! What are some alternatives? Carleton Landscaping has been working with local strains of native grasses to find species that are Chafer beetle resistant and low maintenance. We offer services to remove an existing lawn, turf maintenance and new lawn installation. Alternative solutions to traditional turf lawns will save you time money, and help the environment as well.

Native Meadow

Depending on your site, a lawn may not be the best option. We can take a soil sample of your property and choose the plants that will work in harmony with the sun, moisture and soil conditions. Our groundcovers reign over grass because they don't need weekly growing, are pest free, and planted in the right site will not need additional irrigation or chemical inputs! A native groundcover of sedums for sunny places, yarrow for shadier sites, or even a fern garden for those areas under trees may shine in the way no grass ever could.

No Mow Lawn

Have you dreamed about a lawn that you didn't have to mow? That was resistant to Chafer beetle and didn't cost you annual repairs to your grass? Join the movement and switch from conventional high maintenance turf lawns to a Native no mow mix. Because this grass seed is native to our climate, it doesn't require additional fertilizer or other chemical inputs, nor irrigation. It is drought tolerant, and only needs to be mown two times per year! We use a special blend of native red fescue, Roemer's fescue, and Western fescue that Chafer beetles tend to dislike!

This alternative has already taken off in California. Be one of the first in B.C. to join the green movement!

  • Grass seed
  • Installation of a new Garden.
  • No mo mix germinating!

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