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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Security, Safety, Aesthetics. Landscape Lighting has a number of benefits that will add value to your home. There is no other service which beautifies the home more than exterior lighting: great lighting design will emphasize a great garden, or improve an otherwise dull one. With the advent of LED lighting, there has never been a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way to add long term value to your property.

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We use commercial grade materials in our installations that are backed by the best warranty in the business. We only install LED lamps because they use less electricity than traditional Halogen lights.

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Remember: Before you begin any installation, make sure to get some information regarding your local electrical regulations. The requirements for low voltage and line voltage may also be different. Consult your local authorities or seek professional help if necessary.


Check our our latest video here for an idea how your house can be transformed:

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