Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures


There are different types of housing that your lights go in. Understanding how these lights function will better allow you to have a strong landscape lighting design that will complement your home.

Uplights. These lights help to illuminate architectural structures such as walls, tree trunks or other focal points of the garden. They are either installed in the ground below grade, or above ground to dramatically enhance the area with illumination from below. One of the most common techniques used to accent key points of the landscape, and the most economical lights.

Vista LED Landscape Lighting uplights

Unique Gamma Ray LED Landscape lighting uplights

Downlights. These are lights are above ground, usually with a covering over the lamp so that the light points down onto the desired surface or object. These lights are great for illuminating large surfaces for safety, security or recreational purposes, and often are chosen to line pathways, directional assistance or low growing shrubs.

Unique LED excalibur landscape lighting Down light

Unique LED proton Landscape lighting Area light in planter

Flood Lights. Use these lights to wall wash retaining walls, the architecture of houses, or the grade and texture of rock features. These fixtures are available with a frosted lens and hex louvers to protect the eye from glare.

Vista LED 5105 Landscape lighting flood light

Vista LED 5105 Landscape lighting flood light with hex louvre

Wall lights.Wall lights are fixtures that are mounted directly onto the hardscape structures of the landscape, usally onto the fences or walls of the property. Use these lights along a fenceline to direct guests safely through pathways, or install onto front faces of walls for a dramatic effect.



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Vista Pro

Unique Lighting Systems

Remember: Before you begin any installation, make sure to get some information regarding your local electrical regulations. The requirements for low voltage and line voltage may also be different. Consult your local authorities or seek professional help if necessary.

GREEN INSTALLATION - We use commercial grade materials in our installations that are backed by the best warranty in the business. We only install LED lamps which use less electricity than traditional Halogen lights. Over the lifespan, a halogen bulb will last. LEDs in comparison have a lifespan of. This offers significant savings in electrical bills. There is a big difference in quality between the lights we source and lights you can find at Home Depot. Those and other big box retailers often stock cheap, made in China lights with plastic housing. This system will look fine the first 6 months, but the cheaper material is not made to withstand the rainy weather of our Coast. Any water that gets into the housing will corrode, and Over time, it will be prone to water entering the system, causing electrical failure. The solution to this is to use better fixtures. Metal Alloy made to withstand. Premium brass constructed fixtures are corrosion resistant, and technology is so advanced that there are lifetime warranties that are offered on some of our products. We only install high quality fixtures for our lighting systems.

LED Landscape wall lighting exampleIn Ground well light Installation at Eagle Quest Golf Course. Surrey, BC

Low Voltage LED landscape lighting Small 4 light installation in North Vancouver for address lighting.

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